Time and Money, Well Spent!

 Personal training Manchester Harry Pointon


OPTION ONE – 2 Sessions Per Week – £480 per month
This program is designed for busy people who want to get the very most out of the gym, in the least amount of time. The program involves 2 High intensity Full body sessions per week, that will push you to your individual limits. During the program you will be coached on how to improve your dietary and lifestyle habits, to further improve your body composition and performance in the gym. Additional Short Home or Gym workouts will be set if needed for the attainment of your specific goal.

OPTION TWO – 3 Sessions Per Week – £600 per month
This program is designed for regular gym goers who are not seeing the progress they want. During this program you will learn how to make the needed changes to your training and nutritional regime, so you can start to see real noticeable improvements on a weekly basis. The program involves training 3 times per week following a bespoke program thats designed around your unique goals.

OPTION THREE – Four times a week – £720 per month
The full body and mind dramatic transformation. This program is not for the faint hearted and must be a top 3 priority in life. Clients who follow this program will train with Harry 4 times per week and notice dramatic changes week on week, if 100% effort is given to the plan. Harry only takes on clients for this program who are 100% committed to producing an outstanding result and following all of his lifestyle and nutritional recommendations to the dot.

OPTION FOUR – Weekly Check in – £280 per month
A Results Based Program designed around you and a weekly check in with Harry to ensure your moving in the right direction.                                                                                                                                        

What You can expect from my personal training service.

World Class Exercise Coaching.
Exercising well is not just simply about training harder and harder. Following this approach almost always guarantees injuries at some point and the loss of previous gained results. Before starting any intense training program, learning how to perform exercises perfectly and understanding exactly what the exercises purpose is, is absolutely paramount to long term success. I believe the human body can do amazing things, but we need to ensure it is set up correctly for optimal movement and performance first, after all you wouldn’t build a house without laying the foundations first would you. The first stage of my training programs, is to distinguish whether your body moves correctly through basic human movements and the most effective exercises for your specific goal. If is doesn’t, which is very common, then our first focus while working together will be to address the compensation patterns that your body has developed through incorrect movement or bad postural positions. Through the development of proper exercise form with optimal postural alignment we will over time be able to train your body at intensities that before were not accessible. The body will stop your full potential from been utilised as a safety mechanism is there is fear of potential injury.
Lifestyle and Nutritional Coaching
Eating enough of the right foods, getting enough sleep and controlling stress levels are all essential parts of a successful body and mind transformation. If we decide to work together, I will make strong recommendations for changes to be made to the way you currently live your life, if I believe they are essential for the results you desire to be achieved.

What I expect from you.
A serious commitment to doing everything you can to follow my advise and to give your all to my coaching sessions turning up every time, on time in a positive, ready to make serious change, mindset.

If you would like to find out more please fill in my contact form to arrange an initial chat, about what you want to achieve and how we can best fit it around your lifestyle.