Results Based Programs

A No Stone Unturned personal fitness Approach, where everything that could affect your results is addressed.

World Class Exercise Coaching.
Exercising well is not just simply about training harder and harder, learning how to perform exercises perfectly and understanding exactly what the purpose of the exercise is, is absolutely paramount to long-term success. Your body can do amazing things, but we need to ensure it is set up correctly first. To begin with at my Private Personal Training Gym in Manchester I will get you moving correctly through basic movements safely, then I will address any weaknesses that you present and then I will get you training at higher intensities, leading to you been much stronger, much fitter and leaner than ever before.

Lifestyle and Nutritional Coaching.
Eating enough of the right foods, getting enough sleep and controlling stress levels are some of the essential parts of a successful body and mind transformation. If we decide to work together, I will make strong recommendations for lifestyle changes to be made if I believe they are essential for the results you desire and will constantly track and assess to ensure the goal we set is achieved.

My Prices

Please Note: If you are looking to attain a serious result I recommend you train with me 12-16 times per month.

8 personal training sessions per month – £560

12 personal training sessions per month – £720

16 personal training sessions per month – £800

If you would like to find out more please fill in my contact form to arrange an initial interview.