Every Client is different and I can’t tell you exactly what you are going to achieve at your consultation, however I can give you a rough idea. Genetically some clients are more inclined to have a more athletic and muscular physique than others and therefore will achieve a better transformation. However Your lifestyle is the biggest factor that will affect the results you achieve, your lifestyle will has a massive effect on your transformation potential. For example if you have a new born child or a very stressful job these are going to impact your transformation potential somewhat as controlling stress levels and consistently having sufficient sleep are essential for best results. In the same way if your nutrition and hydration are poor and you don’t give your 100% during your training sessions then of course that is also going to reduce your transformation potential.

As your Manchester Personal Trainer I will lay out in simplistic easy to understand terms so you know exactly what you need to do to achieve the results you want and I will tell you how often and how long you will need to commit to achieving these goals. We work around you and your lifestyle of to ensure you achieve your very best potential. We make strong recommendations to our clients for lifestyle changes wherever possible and needed so nothing can get in the way of us succeeding together.

Below are some transformations that were all done in under a 3 month period training 2-3 times a week. Some of our best results are 20kg’s of fat loss in a 3 month period whilst substantially increasing strength and muscle mass.

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